Join a community of principals, teachers, and other leaders pursuing continuous improvement by enrolling in our online course,                  Launching Your Baldrige-Based Quality Classroom.

 The course is based on these eight modules:

  1. Engaging Students as Partners
  2. Under the Covers of a BBQ Classroom
  3. Pick the Brains of Students and Parents
  4. Build the Foundation of Your BBQ Classroom
  5. Peel Back the Cloak of Secrecy
  6. Students Own Their Learning
  7. Teach to the Gold
  8. Other Important Things to Know

Participants may access the course as an individual, or for less than half the per person cost, an entire staff may have access for an entire academic year.

For schools and districts embracing the concept of continuous improvement, QEA offers an option to purchase a special use permit allowing principals or district professional development specialists to conduct training using our prepared Facilitator Manual.  This approach gives added flexibility to train new staff and provide additional support to teachers, based on need.

The program is accompanied by our newly revised book, There is Another Way! 

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